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“With education, exercise and the help of Billy and his Denver Max Muscle team, we lost body fat off our arms, stomach, hips, legs and glutes. I lost (*) 9 lbs in 12 weeks and my daughter lost 11 lbs.” Jackie B.

“We’re a proof point! With Max Muscle and a regular fitness program, our success continues.”
Abby B.

“I would like to give a huge thank you to Billy Van Heusen and the entire staff at Mile High Max Muscle. I meet Billy in the summer of 2010 as I was just finishing up my last season of Triathlon racing. I told Billy that I was looking to put on a little weight, as I was only 160 lbs. In a little over a year he has helped me put on (*) 40 lbs of lean muscle and transform my body. Four weeks ago he talked me into entering the The NPC Northern Colorado Bodybuilding Show (a men’s fitness competition, in the class of Men’s Physique). As of today I am three weeks out from competing in a sport I knew nothing about a few months ago. Regardless of the out come I will turn 40 in mid April in the best shape of my life.
If you live in the Denver metro area and are looking for someone to help you put on weight or take it off, I highly recommend going to visit Mile High Max muscle. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and will help you obtain any goal that you want to achieve as long as you are willing to put in the work. The best part is that they genuinely care about you and your results and want you to succeed.
Thank you for everything that you have done for my family, my friends and me. You have a customer for life and I am honored to have you as a friend.”
Frank Harney - Max Muscle Denver & Littleton Customer

I was always saying to myself, “I need to loose this baby weight.” And, these internal coversations typically included plans for more workouts and choosing better foods (not to mention less food!) In all honesty, I never considered suppliment products in my plan — I thought that stuff was only for the serious body builder types. Oh, how I’ve learned this is not the case! Since I began my “transformation” three months ago, the products and support I’ve received from Billy Van Heusen and his staff at Max Muscle has been stellar. Not only am I looing good (20+ pounds down and many inches gone so far!), but I am feeling fantastic — I dare to say better than I can remember feeling! I know this is much in part to the suppliments I have incorporated into my daily living. In addition to the tough – but rewarding – workouts my trainer facilitates (thanks Chris Williamson!) and healthy eating, the Max Muscle produts are completing the “big picture” of health and fitness for me. They have played an integral part in changing my life and will continue to help me reach my final goal. Thank you, THANK YOU for helping to create a better and healthier “me” and opening my eyes to your incredible products! Angie Dangler - 9News Bikini Body After Baby Participant

“This is the best place to go for all your nutrition needs. If you know what you want, they leave you to it and don’t pester you to buy more. If you have questions or want recommendations, they know their stuff – and I don’t mean – they read the label on the back of the bottle out loud to you…they ACTUALLY know their products. Whether you are gluten intolerant, on a budget, or looking for something tasty and healthy, they will help you find what you need AND at a great price. Thank you Billy and team!” Natalie - Max Muscle Denver Customer

“The only place in Denver to buy supplements and get great fitness/diet advice!!!” Erin - Max Muscle Denver Customer

“I love that I can walk through the doors and learn every little detail about the supplements I’m purchasing– what they’re used for, when to use them, how to optimize results with them, and even where they are made!!! All Max Muscle products happen to be made here in the US– gotta love supporting our local businesses!!! So not only am I buying quality, delicious-tasting supplements, but I am also helping to stimulate the economy!” Anna - Max Muscle Denver & Littleton Customer

“These guys are great! They truly care about your health and goals!” Liz - Max Muscle Denver & Littleton Customer

“Love Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Denver. Thank you for hosting our event tonight. The food, the drinks, everything was perfect. Ali, Billy, Adam and rest of the staff – Thank you..Hugs Fabi” Fabi - Max Muscle Denver & Littleton Customer

“If anybody out there is looking for the best supplments, go visit Max Muscle on Colorado Blvd., or south Wadsworth Blvd.” Guy - Max Muscle Denver & Littleton Customer


“Not only are they highly educated about EVERYTHING they carry in-store, they are sensitive to allergies and your personal goals. Their knowledge, one-on-one treatment, and professionalism are not something you can find online. Thanks Mile High Max Muscle!” Aly - Max Muscle Denver Customer

“Supplements can be pricey but the folks at this store don’t try to sell you things you don’t need. They target your goals and point you in the right direction. I will return because of the service and products and highly recommend you give them a try as well! “ John - Max Muscle Denver Customer

“Fitness is a lifestyle. I train seven days a week not because it’s something I do; but because it’s who I am. Training for National figure competitions while running a successful business contracting paralegal services to area law firms is no simple task. I can’t count the number of sleepless nights I’ve endured recounting the days activities and going through imaginary checklists in my head. We all know that getting enough rest is essential to maintaining peak performance both mentally and physically. Most of us know that the body repairs and strengthens itself during rest/recovery. And, although our inclination is to train harder, longer, and more frequently, uninterrupted training without recovery periods can actually weaken even the strongest of athletes. Max Muscle Quadra Cuts – Night time has helped all but cured my insomnia. This is the ONLY product I’ve come across that allows me to fall asleep quickly, to stay asleep, and to wake up without feeling groggy. The added benefit to Quadra Cuts- Night time is that it incorporates a Metabolic Activator that allows your body to effectively (*) burn more calories while sleeping.” Lana - Max Muscle Denver & Littleton Customer


“Hello my name is Jose Espinoza, I’m 30 years old and work in corporate finance. I’ve been working out on and off for the past 8 years. But these two last years I finally decided to take it to the next level. I began to concentrate more on my nutrition, which I honestly had no clue about before. In January 2012 I set a goal for myself to compete in my first Bodybuilding competition. I weighed 192 pounds and was around 17% BF. I had a long road ahead for the next 6 months. I began a macro nutrient diet (Fats, Carbs, and Protiens) counting exactly everything I ate. As the months continued I began losing more weight and seeing improvements in my physique. By mid April I was down nearly (*) 25 pounds and new my goal was in site. I began a harder workout regimen hitting the gym two times a day, cardio in the morning and weights at night. By June 2nd 2012 I was down to 4% BF and shredded ready to get on stage for the 2012 Max Muscle Migh Hile High Natural Bodybuidling Championships. With hard work and proper nutrition I was able to get 3 first place trophies in my first competition! I recieved 1st place in Novice lightweight, 1st place in Open Lightweight, and 1st place Novice Overall. As for future goals, I plan to continue my journey in fitness and natural bodybuilding, working on my weak points and improving each year.”

Max Muscle MaxPro Whey Protein
Max Muscle Kre-Aklyn
Max Muscle BCAA’s Jose - Max Muscle Denver Customer

Anna S.

“My name is Anna and I am 32 years old. Last July my marriage crumbled and my entire world fell apart, or so I thought. I was a young mother with two children, Adam 13 and Alyssa 10, and I was starting over. My doctor recommended me using an antidepressant and that was not the road I wanted to take. I wanted to have a clear head and be present for my children. So, I started running. At first it was only a mile per day and gradually increased to 3 a day. I was not seeing the results I wanted after so much hard work, so I stopped in at Max Muscle. I talked with the consultants and they helped me come up with a plan that would help get me where I wanted to be. I started by drinking Emerge twice a day and it gave me the extra energy that I needed to increase my runs! I now run 5-7 miles a day and I finished my first 1/2 marathon in May in 1hr. 45min!! I also take Cleanse & Lean, Max CLA and Quadra Cuts- nighttime and I have never felt better! I have lost (*) 90 lbs since October and have gone from a size 14 to a 0! Thank you Max Muscle for helping me feel better than I ever have before!” Anna S. - Max Muscle Littleton Customer


“My son Eli, has an above average activity level and in January of this year I went to Max Muscle to get advice because I was concerned about his nutrition. He could eat enough to keep up with his activity, and was getting thinner and losing stamina. Eli’s passion is BMX Racing and this nutrition issue was affecting his ability to perform at his potential. The staff at Mile High Max Muscle recommended liquid vitamins and protein powder. Following their instructions, Eli had more energy and started to gain healthy weight almost immediately. Eight months later, Eli has grown from a skinny 55 lbs to a, still thin, (*)63 lbs. With improved nutrition, Eli has been able to practice to his potential and he is now in contention to be titled as the fastest 9 year old BMX Racer in Colorado and has started making his mark on the national stage. Thank you Mile High Max Muscle!”

Mike & Eli - Max Muscle Denver Customer

“These guys are awesome at what they do…so if you’re New Year’s resolution is to lose some weight, or bulk up, go talk to them!” Renee - Max Muscle Denver Customer

“Love Max Muscle. Billy has really helped me find a couple of products that have enabled me to get into (*) great shape.” Jake Schroeder - Max Muscle Denver Customer

“At the risk of sounding self-indulgent, and in response to the numerous questions prompted by my posts from the recent physique competition, I’ve decided to share “my story.” I do so in the hopes that it may, in some manner, be helpful to others, and also to acknowledge the challenges and accomplishment of my journey.

For me, the goal of being in the best shape of my life (as cited in my list of 2013 New Year’s resolutions) wasn’t about improving my health or wanting to fit into my favorite clothes. It was about testing my determination, something I enjoy for whatever reason. In the course of three months of training and dieting, however, this challenge became much more than an exercise in discipline. Ultimately it was a process of self-discovery and personal growth.

To provide some background context, I’ve always leaned toward being thin and lanky since childhood. As if being skinny wasn’t enough of a challenge as a growing boy, I was also shy, uncoordinated, and devoid of any athletic ability. That being the case, I was “that kid”, the one picked last in gym class and who sat the bench on the sidelines. In our adolescence, my brothers and I We attended a high school that required participation in competitive sports. My older brother wrestled nationally and my younger brother was a talented basketball player. I, on the other hand…after failed attempts to find success on a variety of teams, developed a significant aversion to athletics. I dreaded the gym and any organized competitive activity and felt entirely out of place in a school with the motto, “Play the game!”

By the time I reached my 20’s, working out had become something of a social activity among my circle of friends. Accordingly, I got a gym membership and stumbled my way through learning the basics of weight training. While I’ve exercised pretty consistently since my mid-twenties and, more recently, have considered myself to be fit for a man now in my 40’s, I’ve always wanted to be more muscular. Despite my commitment to weight-lifting and eating (what I understood to be the right foods in large quantities), my body insisted that 220 lb. was my correct weight. I learned that if I didn’t eat consistently, I’d quickly lose weigh and feel skinny or, when I tried to force myself past 220 by increasing my calorie intake, I developed love-handles, rather than pecs or biceps. As I couldn’t seem to attain the magic balance of food and weight training in my quest for greater mass, and having an ethical aversion to steroids, I became frustrated. Finally, with the help of my friends at Max Muscle and thanks to the guidance of my very talented trainer (Gary Reisman) , I’ve learned that I don’t have to let my body dictate what I’m supposed to look like; I can be the master of my physique.

For a while, I had heard guys at my gym talk about Max Muscle, a local sports nutrition store. Despite my desire to take advantage of any resource that might help me attain my fitness goals, it took me a while to stop in for a visit. Frankly, I was intimidated, assuming such a place was for “gorillas” and “juice heads,” not your average Joe like me. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I met Billy, Jesse, and Adam, who weren’t just interested in selling products, but who were interested in understanding my goals and educating me about product choices. Even beyond that, they took the time to ask about my diet and provided practical advice on how I could adapt my already healthy nutrition choices to maximize the impact of calories I consume. As I followed their recommendations, I began to see progress; a bit of bulk and greater tone/definition where I wanted it. I was surprised, then, when I was encouraged to consider participating in a physique competition. Despite my prolonged reluctance, I eventually agreed and started the process of training in mid January. I was at an all-time high of 226 lb. (after a week of Mom’s holiday treats) and, over the following 3 months dropped (*) 30 lb. and reached around 5% body fat. Working closely with Gary on my exercise and diet, I was amazed at the changes my body went through. I fed off not only the progress I saw, but from the encouragement of those I met thru my training. I found that, more than ever, the gym had become my second home. Not only did I look forward to my time there, but also the company and encouragement of others engaged in similar training. For the first time, I felt welcomed and proud to be part of a team: a group of great people supporting each other in attaining shared fitness goals (Thanks Aubrey, Connie, Michelle, Jess, Matt, Liz!).

It was only in the days immediately preceding the competition that I realized I hadn’t yet conquered my biggest challenge. In those final days, I began to panic. I dreaded the thought of being in the spotlight and judged for my body. All of those feelings of being the skinny, uncoordinated kid consumed me. I was filled with anxiety as I repeatedly compared myself to others and said, “I’m not big enough” or “I can’t be confident like that.” Despite all the guidance and support I had received in the preceding months, the final preparation was up to me. The morning of the competition, I decided only I could determine who would walk out on the stage. I needed to see this as an opportunity to acknowledge my own determination and accomplishment and, regardless of where I placed in the judges’ eyes, only I have the power to define my own worth and measure of success. This mental “exercise” was critical in what happened next; I hit the stage with a genuine smile and feeling pride in what I had done.

The true sense of reward from this experience didn’t come from a trophy or from the cheers of my family and friends. It lies in the changes I recognize within myself. For that, I’m grateful to all of those I mentioned, in addition to everyone who provided encouragement and support along the way. Sometimes it takes someone else to recognize your potential and to plant the seeds of possibility. Then you need to do the rest…

So, am I proud? Yeah. Might I sound vain? Yeah. Do I feel like I’ve earned it and I’m overdue to give myself credit? ABSOLUTELY! If you’re reading this and any of it resonates, I hope it’s helpful in some regard. If I can provide any additional insight, hit me up. If you want to talk to some folks who really know what they’re doing, pay a visit to the guys at Max Muscle on Colorado Blvd. And, finally, let’s all remember to be kind to the skinny kid on the bench. I’m sure he could use it!” Carl Bloom - Max Muscle Denver Customer

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