A real life story of transformation

jerry_marion_picsOn February 1st of this year, Brenda Hyphen Pierre, certified nutritionist, and owner’s of the Max Muscle store in Brentwood/Antioch, California, started me on an 8 week nutritional plan. My goal walking in there was to lose as much weight as possible in the next 8 weeks. What I didn’t know was they had their own agenda. What they gave me was an education on a more healthier way of living, and a journey that is going to last far behind that. They provided me with weekly meal plans, along with recipes, and explained to me that I will be spending a lot of time meal prepping and eating out of tupperware. We did meet once a week for weigh ins, measurements, and consultation (was more like therapy). They even required me to keep a journal, logging all my meals, plus anything extra I hate. Even if I cheated. Which I would eventually find out was NOT a good thing to do. It felt like soooo much work, and it was. But what I came to understand was they weren’t just trying to help me lose weight. They were educating me on how to better understand my body, and how important it is to give it the proper nutrition. I learned it is not about losing the pounds, but to eliminate all of the crap that brings on the pounds, and what keeps them on. When I started, I weighed 218 lbs, and I was at 38% body fat. My January blood work showed all of my readings were elevated, including my blood pressure. Which considering I was going to turn 39, scare me a lot. I have since had a new panel and have recently received my results. Now, in most cases, Facebook wouldn’t be the appropriate place to post, but hopefully whoever reads this won’t judge me too hard. Because of the dedication, passion, motivation, patience, understanding, and coaching from Brenda Hyphen Pierre I was able see major gains on the outside, but most importantly internally. I dropped down to 186 lbs, down from 38% to 23% body fat. Blood pressure from 145/90 to 112/65. Blood sugar from 107 to 75. Cholesterol 227 to 177. HDL from 4.8 to 3.3, and Triglycerides from 180 to 127. I wanted to post this testimonial as a sign of my gratitude for what you guys helped me to accomplish. Most importantly a friendship that will last as long as I do!

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