Living a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily translate into cutting out junk food from the diet and going for a walk every now and again, but for so many it can be difficult and not to mention confusing to make a lifestyle change when it comes to diet and exercise, it certainly was for Candi Garcia.

Candi Garcia decided to make a serious change concerning her weight after an eye-opening visit to her doctor. She knew that something had to change, however implementing the transformation she needed served to be easier said than done. After some time trying to find her way to health on her own she made the life changing choice to pay her local Max Muscle store in Longmont a visit for a Formal Nutrition Consultation.

Through Max Muscle of Longmont’s professional and custom Nutrition Consultation service, Candi was able to clearly see the path she needed to travel down in order to reach her ultimate goal of health and weight loss! Recently, Candi graciously shared her amazing story with us in hopes of inspiring others, be sure tocheck it out for yourself!

If you are able to identify with Candi’s journey and you are ready to make a significant change when it comes to your health and fitness, consider making a stop in one of our many stores that offer the same professional Nutrition Consultation service that Candi received. Being able to understand your body’s nutritional and fitness needs will give you the freedom to achieve your goals with a Max Muscle team supporting you the entire way!

So many of our Max Muscle stores in Colorado and Utah are able to offer this same service. Be sure to find a store near you today. Your journey to a better you can start right now. It is up to you to make the choice to move forward, and we are ready to help! What are you waiting for?

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