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Max Muscle Denver, Feeding Your Passion.

Whether you’re losing weight, building lean muscle, increasing endurance or simply dedicating yourself to a healthier lifestyle- Max Muscle Sports Nutrition provides the highest quality, American made products and services to feed your passion.

Our goal at Max Muscle Denver is to provide nutrition education to each and every client who comes into our store. Our highly trained staff of Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist is here to listen to your personal goals, concerns, and challenges; then help provide you with the solutions and products necessary to meet your goals and maintain the results.

Our sports nutrition supplements are renowned in the health and fitness industry and with our customers for their high quality and level of purity. Our top selling proteins, High 5 and Max Pro are made to optimize protein uptake and absorption, while using only the best ingredients. Beyond the supplements we manufacture ourselves, at Max Muscle, we are committed to promoting and carrying only the safest, most effective products.

Our philosophy is that supplements are just as their name implies, supplemental to proper nutrition though food. A balanced diet is the best way to stay healthy, but when your busy lifestyle or dislike of vegetables gets in the way, we have the high quality products you need to keep your body functioning at it’s highest potential.

But supporting your health and fitness goals doesn’t stop there. We also provide expert advice through our award-winning monthly magazine, Max Sports and Fitness, our MaxFormation Fitness Contest, as well as cutting-edge fitness apparel to keep you comfortable and looking great.

Whether you are an endurance athlete, recreational jogger, weight lifter, or just enjoy a walk in the park, good nutrition will not only help your athletic performance but help you feel better in all of your daily activities. So, get started on feeling good and increasing your energy by coming in to Max Muscle Denver. We will get you on the road to good health and long life through proper nutrition.
Mile High Max Muscle

Max Muscle has been a leader in the sports nutrition industry since 1991. We are committed to improving the health of people from all walks of life, men, women, young adults, everyday fitness enthusiasts, high school and collegiate athletes, as well as bodybuilders. The one thing that all our customers have in common – and something that keeps them coming back to Max Muscle – is they appreciate that our employees consistently provide a high level of service and knowledge. We work hard to pinpoint each of our customers’ health and fitness goals in order to find the best products and supplements to reach those goals. At the Max Muscle Denver store you will find that each of our employees are extremely knowledgeable and willing to spend the time to educate each of our clients. We share your passion for healthy living and looking good, and we look forward to assisting you when you come in.

Billy Van Heusen, Jr.
Owner & Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

This Denver native has been heavily involved in athletics and sports nutrition through out his life. After graduating from Cherry Creek High School, Billy moved to North Battleford, Sasketchewan, Canada to play Junior A hockey. The only American in the league Billy worked hard to earn the respect of his peers. He returned home to attend The University of Denver, and graduated in 2003. After working in finance for 3 years Billy decided to return to his passion for sports nutrition, and along with his father, purchased the first Max Muscle franchise in Denver.

After successfully running Max Muscle Denver for 7 years, Billy has joined his father in real estate. Since handing over the running of the store to Ali in March of 2014, Billy is still involved with Max Muscle, but in a limited capacity. He spends the majority of his time in real estate and can be found at The Billy Van Heusen Team at ReMax Southeast.

Ali Van Heusen
Owner & Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

Ali grew up in Nebraska and was involved in athletics from a young age. She then attended University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she majored in Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine. After earning her degree in 1999, Ali came to Denver and began a career in pharmaceutical sales, after 8 years in “Big Pharma,” Ali was ready for a change and joined Billy to help open Max Muscle in November 2007.

In 2011, after having two babies in 20 months, with a thyroid that went out in between; Ali was up almost 50 pounds from her pre-pregnancy weight and feeling miserable. She decided to compete in a bikini/fitness competition, lost all of her baby weight, and gained a new found appreciation for weight training.

Ali is now overseeing Max Muscle Denver along with raising two daughters. You can find her popping in and out of the store on a regular basis. To make an appointment with Ali, call the store at (303) MAX-LEAN or come in and grab her business card.

Brian Cristina: Sales Manager Max Muscle Denver

Brian Cristina was born and raised mostly in Kansas. He received his BS Degree in Fitness and Wellness from Northwest Missouri State University in 1994, and soon after moved to Colorado to pursue work in the fitness industry. He began his career as a personal trainer at Bally’s in 1995, and then started working in the nutritional supplement industry in 1996.

“I have been involved in athletics pretty much my whole life,” says Brian. He competed in youth track, football and baseball, going on to excel in football and track during high school. Unfortunately, knee surgeries in 1986 and 1987 found him taking his “weight training” in a different direction. Brian began weight training at the age of 14, mostly for the purpose of improving athletic performance; but also found the body altering affects quite satisfying. Following his third knee surgery Brian decided to compete in his first bodybuilding show during his sophomore year in college. Since then, he has competed 10 times over the last 23 years with competition number 11 six short weeks away.

In 2004 Brian started training in the art of Krav Maga, which led to 9 MMA pro-fights until he decided he had broken enough bones and went back to bodybuilding. For almost 20 years Brian has dedicated his life to and made his living helping others achieve their own fitness goals. “It is my greatest passion,” declares Brian, “I hope to continue to help people from all walks of life achieve their own personal health and fitness goals through proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation.” Brian is an excellent addition to the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition team. Trust us, Brian has forgotten more about nutrition, supplements, and training than most people will learn in their lifetime.

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